Notice of "October 14th, 2019 Autamn Sanda Meeting"

This is Kawata, an organizer of Sanda meeting.

A rule of this tournament is “Glove Sanda”.
The contents of rule are almost same as “Chinese Sanshou”.
Time until the throwing is 2 seconds.

According to the weight
・Medium weight:Less than 68 kg
・Free weight:More than 68 kg

Applicant people are also possible by the following rule matches.
・Kick boxing rule:
・Free-style Sanda rule:
・Protect Sanda rule:

An entrance fee.
Tournament:5,000 yen
One Matches:3,000 yen(max:4maches)
After a tournament, the participation in Matches is also possible.
(No additional cost)
I am waiting for your contact.

Convention essentials(e)


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